Why powder coating instead of conventional lacquering?

Advantages of powder coating:

It is more economical & efficient

Powder coating is an economical process, as it is easy to perform and manages also with less comprehensive experience.

It is more diverse & more consistent

In many applications it proves to be useful, as the number of color shades and effects is nearly unlimited (e.g. metallic effects).

It is doubly environmentally friendly

With respect to environment protection, powder coating offers two advantages: 1) Powder lacquering does not require solvents. 2) Surfaces are protected from chemical weathering, thus preventing decomposition and transfer of coated material into soil and groundwater.

DURST Powder Coating Systems

innovative, economical and flexible.

„The world consists of those who put something in progress,
those who watch what happens,
and those who ask what happened.“

According to this principle discovered by Norman R. Augustine,
we do not only move the ideas of our customers but also the workpieces belonging to their process.

DURST Pulverbeschichtungsanlagen GmbH offers comprehensive solutions for numerous coating processes, integrating also the entire periphery like conveying, cleaning and drying equipment. Offering single sourcing to the clientele offers the benefit of clearly identifiable responsibility and central organization.

We do not only accompany the project from its first concept to the final installation, but support also afterwards the production process during the entire lifetime of the equipment.

Powder Coating


Cleaning Booth


Blasting Equipment

Wet Painting



Flexible & perfect

adapted to your needs



Areas of Application

Powder coating
Surface sealing
Protection against corrosion
Surface cleaning

Industry sectors

Automotive Industry
Mechanical & plant engineering
Consumer goods manufacturing
Optics & semiconductor production and much more.

What we do

As a pioneer in the field of surface treatment, we combine a large portfolio of instrumentation for corresponding tasks: Whether conveying, cleaning, powder coating or enameling – we cover the entity of steps backing the production process of the clientele. The name DURST has gained an excellent reputation, particularly with respect its ability to innovation. This innovative power and a high quality standard are substantial characteristics in every system designed, produced and delivered by DURST Pulverbeschichtungsanlagen GmbH. Our society is proud of its comprehensive experience resulting from 20 years of powder coating. Since the beginning of our activities, we have not restricted ourselves to the installation of a plant, but solved every problem in a holistic approach examining big and also smaller problems of daily work.

Based on this approach, all of the production routines belonging to the entire process are evaluated in detail. This is deemed to be necessary for integration of all tasks required and ensures a homogenous and trouble-free workflow. From initial design and planning up to implementation of the whole system, we deliver a structured and thoroughly elaborated result, which our clientele can rely on. Our team of specialists is always delighted to hear about planning and projects, and is ready to establish a useful and pleasant cooperation on a long term.

–  innovative, economical and flexible.

–  innovative, economical and flexible.

DURST Powder Coating Systems
Contact us today and we’ll be glad to show you completely new ways of surface coating with a DURST powder coat system.

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