Blasting Equipment

effizient, flexibel & wirtschaftlich

Even the best pretreatment system is unable to clean surfaces covered with rust, scale or intense contamination accumulated in years.

Workpieces in this state must be subjected to treatment by blasting equipment. Our machine selection ranges from small cabinets to completely equipped and movable blasting chambers which can be used even for components of bridges or power plants.

Return of blasting media is of course taken into consideration, so the working process is considerably simplified. This procedure can be carried out by conveyor bases in lamella or honeycomb structure, cross conveyors or vibrating channels. Due to the great variety of methods, the procedure can be scaled to any plant size.

A large choice of accessories is available as well, e.g. heavy duty gratings, platforms and air circulation functions, to ensure energy efficient work both in summer and in winter.

– innovative, economical and flexible.

– innovative, economical and flexible.

DURST Powder Coating Systems
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