innovative, economical and flexible.

Manual & Heavy Load Suspension Monorails

For each site and application, we configure an all-round system, for small, large, lightweight and heavy workpieces, to implement straightforward transport routines within the production. Highest flexibility is always ensured, as the systems may be equipped with different fixtures according to the current application. It is therefore not difficult to switch between processes with low and processes with extremely high numbers of items. We do not accept limits – our heavy load suspension monorails withstand every challenge.

Electric Monorail Conveyors

Trouble-free transport without losing floor space! Thanks to a modular design and programmable controls, travel paths and transport routines may be adapted any time, so our electric monorail conveyors represent a reliable support for seamless workflow. Steps for sorting, storage and distribution of the processed objects may be included: A really multifunctional device!

Power & Free Conveyor Systems

Automatic transport in spite of changing cycle times and steps – these are standard circumstances for power & free conveyor systems. These configurations enable the goods to be transported originating from different supply points; and flexible discharge as well. These conditions have sometimes to be met for complex workpieces with variable process times. Automated transport and high component weights of several hundred kg thus may be combined in the same process.

Lifting & Lowering Stations

For heavy workpieces and difficult working environment, an ergonomic design of the working places is not trivial. By means of lifting and lowering stations however, the process can be adapted to the optimum working height in each single station. This means that the product carriers are lowered to the height desired by individual members of the staff, before rising again to the height of the transport chain. These elements do not only speed up the work of each employee, but also contribute to a reduction of accident rates.

– innovative, economical and flexible.

– innovative, economical and flexible.

DURST Powder Coating Systems
Contact us today and we’ll be glad to show you completely new ways of surface coating with a DURST powder coat system.

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