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Energy & environmental management

From the holistic view of your business premises to the use of micro gas turbines, heat pump systems and heat recovery systems as well as the use of hydrogen technology, we can offer you a comprehensive consulting concept and implementation at your business location.

In addition, we are very happy to create a state-of-the-art waste water treatment concept tailored to your application.

Maintenance & Repair

No process line manages without a qualified support. In case of problems, our factory service is able to react in the shortest delay and maintain the system in perfect state, so that longer periods of unexpected standstill can be prevented. We dispose of a global network of technicians permanently formed, able to quickly reach the customer’s site whenever needed.

A reliable support is of course not only useful in case of problems. Individual service contracts may be agreed for regular and professional inspection and maintenance of the systems. As all of our technicians are specialists in their field, their advice for the particular application of the client may be of interest anytime. This enables a most efficient utilization of the plant to be achieved, and the highest degree of security for the investment.

Consulting for Retrofitting of Existing Systems

Technical progress cannot be stopped – on the other hand a completely new powder coating system is not always necessary. If only parts of an existing plant are intended to be exchanged or upgraded –e.g. the conveyor section-, we offer fair and qualified advice. Quality and extendibility are always kept in mind. Investment in a better system should never lead to a dead end, so we thoroughly assess the further planning of the clientele, too. This way, at a later date parts of the resulting production line still may be exchanged without affecting mutual compatibility.

Spare & Wear Parts

Even under most thorough supervision, damages are never excluded – but also in these situations, the clientele can count on us. For powder coating and conveyor systems, a comprehensive assortment of spare parts is in stock, so that nearly every problem can be solved within the shortest time. This service is possible also for systems obtained from other suppliers, in order to minimize phases of standstill. Simply contact us – our assistance won’t be long in coming.

– innovative, economical and flexible.

– innovative, economical and flexible.

DURST Powder Coating Systems
Contact us today and we’ll be glad to show you completely new ways of surface coating with a DURST powder coat system.

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